Writing in the time of Corona…

A few months ago, if someone had told me I’d be quarantined at home for at least 80* days, I’d have assumed I would get the most writing done – EVER. Now, I’m in it on day 50 and sadly the opposite has been true. I like being at home, but homeschooling three different school years (and they’re all young, so all need help), part time work, endless feeding and clearing up means I have little alone time and no mental energy for creative writing.
I am still plodding along but I’m having difficulty concentrating. I wonder how many feel the same? Scanning fellow writers on Twitter this seems to be a common theme. A lot are keen to wail that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while hunkering down during the plague (and no online shopping deliveries for him). But I think that sets the pressure bar a little high. Most of us aren’t aiming to be Shakespeare.

So, I’m doing things a little differently. Here’s what I’m doing instead of my usual writing habits;

  • plotting and planning
  • research
  • journal-ing (well, I intend to!)
  • writing down lots of ideas
  • dashing off idea responses to prompts
  • on the Writer’s HQ website for moans and motivation – they have fab free courses right now, check it out!
  • and most importantly, THINKING / DAYDREAMING  which should never be underestimated

However you’re coping, or not, don’t beat yourself up. The writing will return with normality. If it’s not coming right now, then rest up.

This too shall pass.


*Our household is ‘shielding’ so no shop visits here and we will be in for a bit longer than the majority.

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