I’m Jennifer. I’m here to write for you.

Time is precious and content is king. I will use the right words, in the best order, to create persuasive content and save you time.

Do you want content that sells your product, words to describe your services, blogs to increase your site traffic or fiction writing?

I write B2C and B2B for businesses and charities. From blogs to brochures, news releases to newsletters, Facebook to fiction writing – I’ve been there, done that and have the writing samples to prove it (let me know what you’d like to see).

Whatever you need, I live by the working rule that I’m not happy until you are.

About me

I started out working in marketing for education companies. I love singing the praises of a school, university or exam body. I have a lot of experience of content creation but also; event planning, SEO, R.O.I analysis and strategising project campaigns from end to end. I was particularly involved in complex (and successful) direct marketing campaigns. All this experience allows me to see the bigger marketing picture and write better copy.

I genuinely love writing too and write fiction. You can view my published fiction here.


You can find me on twitter and on facebook.

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